Floral dress

Similar bomber jacket HERE / MONKI turtleneck / vintage dress / ASOS boots

Hey guys! I decided to try something new and wear a floral dress. Two
things I hardly ever wear the first being prints and the second a dress (except the
occasional slip dress). I've had this dress for quite some time now but I was kinda saving
it for summer because I think this would look super nice with a pair of open heels and no
shirt underneath, but then I was like whatever I'll wear it now! So I did, layered over a thin
turtleneck and covered by a blue bomber jacket which I think creates an unexpected
contrast to the feminine shape of the dress. This is definitelly one of those never say never
moments because I remember saying I'd never be into floral prints or prints in general and
now I'm totally obsessed with this dress, haha! But that's my favorite thing about
fashion, that you can always try new things and find new inspiration.
Hope you guys have an amazing day!!

xo Sylvie


New in - Leather trench coat

Hey guys! I'm super excited to show you my new leather trench coat I found
at a vintage store recently. Of course I've already been wearing it and I can't wait to show
you guys the outfits I've  created with this dream coat. I feel like it's one of those wardrobe
essentials that really elevate your looks to a whole 'nother level! This is definitely gonna be
replacing my long wool coats this spring. I've been wearing it with dark blue jeans and
think it looks perfect! Hope you guys have an amazing day!!

xo Sylvie


Black vinyl

TOPSHOP beret / GANT men's blazer / & OTHER STORIES knit / H&M white blouse /
MANGO vinyl trousers / ASOS vinyl boots / similar bag HERE

Hey friends! Here's what I wore on Wednesday. It was sunny and warm enough not
to need a winter coat. However I did do some serious layering under this blazer to stay warm.
You can see all my latest obsessions put together in this one outfit: a pinstripe blazer with boxy
shoulders, vinyl trousers and of course ruffled sleeves! I feel like they all compliment each other
so well in this look. I've been looking for the perfect vinyl trousers for a long time and I finally
found them so I'm probably gonna be living in these for a while. They make a funny duck sound
when you walk around in them but you get used to it, lol! I thought it looked super cool to
wear them with vinyl boots so they look like they're attached together like the Vetements boots.
Oh and notice how I'm not wearing a turtleneck in this look? Haha! I've been living in
them this entire winter so I guess this is a sign that spring is here!
Hope you guys have an amazing day!

xo Sylvie


Red coat

Vintage coat / MONKI turtleneck / VILA pants / ASOS flats

Hey guys! I'm back with another red coat look. I wore this look yesterday
and on Sundays I like to be more casual if I'm not going anywhere special. I love
how this coat can add so much detail to a minimal black and white look like this one. I
think it's always really cool to add some kind of pop of color to a monochrome look to
make it more interesting to the eye. I haven't worn flats in a long time so I decided to wear
them with this outfit since I was going for a more casual vibe this time. And also it's
getting sunnier and warmer here so I'm super excited about sharing some spring
looks with you guys soon! Hope you guys had a great weekend!

xo Sylvie


On my mind..

Hey guys! Here are some of the things I would love to add to my closet this month.
My shopping collages are getting more and more about spring dressing lately, since spring
is (hopefully) near. These pieces put together would make a really cool everyday outfit
but I think this outfit would also be cool enough to wear to a party.

1. ZARA pants. Totally obsessed with ruffles at the moment and can't think of a better
way to wear them. Dancing is what comes to mind when I look at these pants!

2. BALENCIAGA striped shirt. Perfect for making a statement.. and looking like a candy cane.

3. ACNE sunglasses. Ok, you guys know how much I love vintage. These glasses are definitely
guaranteed to add a retro vibe to any look. And in my opinion they're the only necessary
accessory this spring!

4. & OTHER STORIES boots. Still in love with kitten heels...

5. H&M earrings. The perfect finishing touch.

xo Sylvie